Spiral Tree Tradition


The Spiral Tree Tradition is a Wiccan Tradition based in North Dakota. We are composed of covens called the Order of the Aurora and the Heart of the Pentacle Fellowship. Although our covens are based in Grand Forks and Rugby North Dakota, we draw members from a wide surrounding area.

In our circles we accept both new and experienced practitioners. We train those new to the path in a 3-degree system. Our roots are Alexandrian and we primarily worship in a British Traditional style, but we also draw inspiration from the Feri tradition, the experience and the unique talents our covenmates, and allow Divine inspiration and spontaneity to play a large part in our ceremonies.

Spiral Tree Traditionís purposes are to:
1. Develop meaningful relationships and grow into a spiritual family.
2. Teach and Learn the Craft of the Wise drawing from traditions as the members see fit.
3. Celebrate the Wheel of the Year and cultivate community by hosting public Sabbats.
4. Develop and grow as individuals on a spiritual and mundane level.
5. Improve the environment with ecological activism and social service.

Strengthened through fellowship.

Dedicated to spiritual growth.